Walkthrough - Step 1

Setting up the Project

Create a Silverlight 4 / RIA-Enabled project in Visual Studio 2010 using one of the templates:
  • Silverlight Business Application
  • Silverlight Navigation Application
  • Silverlight Application
In Web Application
  1. Create a Models directory in the Web application
  2. Add an Entity Model to a the Models directory
  3. Create a Services directory in the Web application
  4. Build your project (to create the Entity Model)
  5. Add a Domain Service to your Services directory (based upon your Entity Model)
  6. Build your project (to generate client-side generated code)

In Silverlight Application
  1. Open your App.xaml.cs file and find/add the Application_Startup event
  2. Insert the line SL.MVVMS.RIA.UIDispatcher.Initialize(); to initialize the UIDispatcher

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